Tempio Voltiano

In the town of Como is a neoclassic temple, dedicated to a hometown physicist. While many haven’t heard of Alessandro Volta, they certainly know the results of his work – the electrical terms “volt” and “voltaic” comes from his name. 

The scientist’s experiments and theories resulted in the invention of the modern battery. He devised many modes to store and provide electrical current.

The Palladian-style temple is a homage to this Como son and the museum is the most visited in town. You’ll find displays on his life, work, experiments, his papers and letters, and more. The pila voltaica (voltaic pile) is a hefty first battery that produced continuous electric current.



Opening Hours
Daily except Monday from 10am to 5.30pm

Adults: 4 eur
Child: 2 eur

Getting Here 
By walk from Como (20 min)