WaterSports in Lake Como

The Lake of Como and in particular the northern area of the lake is renowned in all of Europe as an excellent sailing area and not only: this is the most windy area of the lake and the most unspoilt; from March to October, the Breva, a common temperate breeze of the Lake of Como, blows during the afternoons, guaranteeing uttermost enjoyment to those who practise sports such as sailing, windsurfing or new extreme sports such as Kitesurfing. When the lake is calm (morning and early evening), it is also possible to go water-skiing and canoeing.

Lake Como offers a vast choice of experiences and activities. We select the following as the best possibilities you have. We suggest to book directly by the link you will find in the Experiences page to get the best prices. 


Windsurf in Lake Como

Windsurf Many schools of Windsurf offer courses for children and beginners, specialisation courses but particulary you can have fun. It is then possible to rent the facilities necessary to do this sport. If you want to try windsurf the best place to practice the activity is definitely the north branch of the lake, near Colico and Domaso. This is the point of the lake where the wind blows the most and you can enjoy the most exciting experiences.


Sailing in Lake Como

In northern Lario there are many famous sailing club, almost all the villages have a sailing base. It is easy to find a place where practise this sport. All the club have courses for beginners for april to october. In sommer it is easy to see in northern lake the champion Paul Cayard or Torben Grael, who are often here to sail in the international championship organized on the lake. It is also possible to cruise with bigger boats.


Kitesurf in Lake Como

The KiteSurf is a very young sport: is a new way to sail drawn by a kite. In Alto Lario too this sport is becoming more and more famous and there are many schools where you can see the facilities, the fly tecniques and the control of the kite,the security rules, body drag the use of the trapeze, the start and the going with the table All is made in total security being in water followed by a boat of the school.


Waterski in Lake Como

When there is no wind the lake becames a mirror and you may do waterski. There is a school good organized by international trainers and it is possible to do this sport at every level. The school has an american performed boat for competition, a deck and many sport facilities.


Rowing in Lake Como

Amongst the Lake Como water sports, rowing is certainly the most traditional one: since the beginning of the 19th century, in fact, the lake shores got full of rowing clubs and societies, which over time have become increasingly important, and gained prestige at national and international level. Rowing is one of the most popular water sports on Lake Como, so much that many local champions contributed to give prestige to the Como area. To learn rowing properly, one of the major facilities is Canottieri Lario, in Como, which organizes courses for beginners and athletic competitions.


Canyoning and Kayak in Lake Como

The northern part of the lake is a wild one: you may visit it in canoe, a relaxing experience and at the same time a discovery. Crossing the river Mera, a of the lake, you arrive in the Natural Riserve of “Pian di Spagna” the wildest area in Lombardia. Along the river you came to Lago of Mezzola, a part of the Riserve. Here you may see a unique landscape: reeds on a shore and deep water, reefs, isolated beaches and a wonderful waterfall on the other. Among the best offer we selected a Private Tour in Kayak staring from a characteristic  fishermen village aside Bellagio. You can have the unique opportunity to go to the point where northern waters divide in Como and Lecco branches with astonishing panoramic view.

Dervio apertura pesca dell'agone

Fishing in Lake Como

Fishing is undoubtedly another water sport on Lake Como that is worth mentioning: a relaxing pastime that allows you to stay in contact with nature, and enjoy the charming atmosphere of the lake. Fishing is also the ideal sport for those who do not feel particularly athletic and prefer the tranquility of an afternoon by the lake.


Diving in Lake Como

Another popular water sport on Lake Como is diving: with the right equipment, even beginners can try their hand at exploring the fascinating depths of the lake.  On the eastern shore of Lake Como, in particular, where the slope is sweeter, it is easy to find groups of divers – expert and beginners – into the water. Thanks to the materials used to manufacture the suits, diving can be practiced both in summer and in winter. You can find the right equipment and experienced divers at Centro Sub Nettuno, in Como. Courses are suitable for all requirements.