Archeology Museum Paolo Giovio

While Como might seem like a more recently built playground, it actually has a storied past dating back to prehistory. You can see it for yourself at the Paolo Giovio Archeology Museum, housed in the lovely Palazzo Giovio, right in the heart of Como. Located near the public gardens, the palazzo was built in the late Middle Ages for the counts of the Giovio family; the current facade was done in the 1600s. The noble residence has a U-shaped footprint with an internal courtyard. The frescoes on the “piano nobile” where the family lived are vivid and beautiful, depicting scenes of mythology, architecture and landscapes, and a honeymoon suite with a romantic theme.

The exhibits cover millennia of history, from prehistoric finds of ceramic, bronze and iron, to Greek vases, and Roman coins. There are Roman-era sculptures, inscriptions and bas relief carvings, along with gemstones and more. A fascinating find was the ancient Tomba del Carrettino, a pagan tomb which contained a decorated funerary carriage.

You can visit the interesting underground archeology area of the ancient Roman gate, known as Porta Pretoria, with multi-media and multilingual interpretation of the ancient quarters of Como.



Opening Hours
Open daily expect Monday.

Adults: 4 eur
Child: 2eur

Getting Here 
By walk from Como